We founded Lyn Weber Workshops because of a common desire to build products that are intelligently designed and meticulously crafted; daily instruments that make the daily process easier and the quality better; the tools artists use to drive the art forward.

We set out to build products that aren’t measured in fleeting annual revisions but in lasting human generations; machines that are as reliable and steadfast as the day they’re made; heirlooms families cherish as they are lovingly handed down.

We want to build products that inspire.

We based our company on these values. The creative diversity and well storied backgrounds of the founders and board members reflect these beliefs. We’re artists, engineers, dreamers and madmen. Through this lens we look at things differently, often with a critical eye on how we can make something better, or when we might need to start over and come up with something entirely new.

Douglas & Craig

Douglas Weber – Founder

A native son of Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley, Douglas was born and raised in the Los Angeles County City of Arcadia. From the outset, he pursued a career in design and engineering, graduating from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Stanford University.

Douglas’ first job at Apple was as one of the original members of the iPod Product Design team, the same team that  went on to create future generations of the iPod, iPhone, and most recently Apple Watch. During the development of the first iPhone, Douglas was tasked with integrating the glass display face into the product, a late-in-the-game decision that sparked an entire new sub-industry in smartphone cover technology.

During this time a unique opportunity arose for Douglas to move to Asia and found a multinational team focused on advanced materials and innovative manufacturing technologies. Over the course of eight years he grew his team to 15 material scientists and product designers spread throughout Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The result of his work at Apple is an extensive patent portfolio, dozens of strategic vendor relationships, and several core technologies that Apple uses throughout its product line to this day.

And with time comes change. Drawn together by a mutual appreciation of good design and solid engineering, Doug took leave of Apple to found Lyn Weber Workshops alongside Craig Lyn. As a full time resident of Japan and with close proximity to global manufacturers, Douglas is able to develop products in real-time and maintain a 24-hour design cycle. At LWW, Douglas utilizes our strategic relationships with the most innovative manufacturers in the world to make inimitable products that are designed to last.

Craig Lyn – Founder

Founding partner and other namesake of Lyn Weber Workshops, Craig spent his early years between Canada, the United States and Jamaica in the West Indies. With roots stretching across several countries, Craig’s proud to be a first generation immigrant to America.

Initially focused on the arts rather than sciences, Craig graduated with a degree in English Literature from American University in Washington DC. Following Kerouac’s route westward to San Francisco, he found himself in the midst of the first Internet revolution. With many nascent technologies coming of age, rather than joining the masses rushing into the world of high tech start ups, Craig headed down the rabbit hole of computer based film visual effects.

Armed with a modicum of talent and an entirety of luck, he was fortunate enough to find himself in the employ of Industrial Light + Magic, the first and foremost visual effects company in the world. With the same artists that created Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars, Craig learned to birth dragons, fly spacecraft, and build worlds. After a few years with the now infamous Rebel Unit, Craig emigrated away from the Bay Area to the warmer climes of London England to further his film career. Seven years later and with a credit list spanning film franchises such as Batman, Harry Potter, X-Men, and Aliens as well as an Emmy Award and Oscar shortlist nomination, Craig returned to California, this time Los Angeles, to lay down permanent roots.

After too many long shoots in distant locations away from his fledgling family, change was inevitable. Like before, instead of following the conventional, Craig chose the less ordinary path. With his longtime friend Paul Nahhas, he produced the revolutionary HG one coffee grinder and found a company which would share the same name. In 2014 the opportunity arose to partner with friend Douglas Weber and found Lyn Weber Workshops, to build on the solid reputation of the HG one and to produce the unexpected.

Matthew Rohrbach- Board Member

A native of Washington State, Matt moved to California to attend the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, known for its rigorous Industrial Design program. He initially worked at several design studios in Los Angeles, then moved to San Francisco to join IDEO. In typical Bay Area fashion he joined an engineering startup, but couldn’t resist the allure of Apple and was recruited into the small and tightly knit Industrial Design Team around the time of the first iMac.

Over the next 17 years Matt had the privilege of being part of the design team that has brought us so many groundbreaking and well-loved products.

In May of 2015 Matt took leave of Apple to pursue his own interests and passion for making things. At home near water and on the snow, he now splits his time between San Francisco and Iceland. A long-time coffee lover and craftsman, LWW is proud to have Matt share both his knowledge and experience with our board.

Daniele De luliis – Board Member

Having spent his formative years in Italy and England, Daniele completed his degree in Industrial Design at the Central School of Art and Design in London. After graduating, he headed to California to join ID Two in San Francisco (now part of IDEO).  His consulting experience expanded to New York where he worked until joining the Industrial Design Team at Apple in 1991.

Daniele still contributes to Apple’s world class design team and enjoys the unique challenges and demands the position requires, continuously honing his craft on a wide range of consumer products.

The early morning sound of a hand mill grinding fresh beans was his childhood initiation to the world of coffee, and to this day it is still a part of his life. The numerous debates over cappuccinos he and Douglas shared at Apple about coffee machines helped to inspire the formation of LWW.

Hidenori Izaki – Board Member

Most people in the coffee world now know Hide as the 2014 World Barista Champion. We know Hide as the eldest son of the Honey Coffee family, who chose to carve his own path in the coffee world at another prominent roastery in Japan — Maruyama Coffee.

We remember Hide from before he took his title, when he was still a modest fledgling barista, and would come to pull shots on the lever machine in Douglas’ kitchen. He took it upon himself to learn everything he could about the industry, the machines, the process, the beans, and farms that grow the beans his family roasts. He mastered each step, took the Barista Champion title, and founded his own coffee consulting company — Samurai Coffee Experience. We’ve had our eyes on Hide for a while now, and are proud to welcome him to the LWW family.

Katsuhide and Yuko Izaki – Board Members

After running a Juku or Cram school for 18 years, Katsu and Yuko Izaki decided a change was in order. In 1996, the husband and wife team reinvented themselves and purchased a struggling coffee roastery in Fukoka Japan. With hard work and dedication, they turned a failing company into a thriving enterprise, currently roasting over three metric tonnes of beans per month. The Izaki’s not only produce coffee for their own chain of seven cafes, but countless other companies throughout Japan as well.

In 2000 the Izaki’s joined ACE’s Cup Of Excellence, and in 2004 Katsu-san was honored to become a COE judge. The appreciation of coffee runs deep in this family, with the Izaki’s son Hidenori winning the SCAA World Barista Championship in 2014.

Steven Chen – Board Member

A founding member of the band The Airborne Toxic Event, Steven is a published writer, brand consultant, and major-label recording artist based in Los Angeles, California. After receiving his masters degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, he co-founded his music group with four friends in 2007, earning an RIAA-certified Gold Record in 2009.

With over a dozen international headlining tours under his belt, six major-label records, more than twenty television appearances, and multiple main-stage festival performances—including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Reading, Leeds, and Fuji Rock—Steven is in constant pursuit of perfect creative moments, in both quietude and the midst of thousands rapt in collective celebration.

He sees coffee as an understated, infinitely expressive tradition, and Lyn Weber is excited to welcome him as a board member.

Spencer Nikosey – Board Member

Graduate of Art Center College of Design, Spencer Nikosey is an Industrial Designer and founder of retailer KILLSPENCER, based in Los Angeles, California. A true craftsman at heart, he founded his company as a personal project to locally produce the perfect sustainable and waterproof backpack. By striving to bring a high level of performance, functionality, and quality to everything he touches, Spencer’s project quickly blossomed into a full-time business.

With Spencer’s dedication to the ideals of quality and craftsmanship as well as his entrepreneurial fervor, we consider ourselves fortunate to have him as one of our board members.