Portafilter Cradles

Dosing and tamping stand

We’re all obsessives. Hobbies such as building model railroads or stamp collecting don’t attract casual enthusiasts. Coffee draws in the same type of crowd. With specialized hobbies come specialized tools. Designed as an extra set of hands, the Cradle holds your portafilter completely steady as you tamp or perform other tasks. The Cradle can be used with all of our grinders as well as with our Blind Tumbler.

Build Quality

As with all of our products, we’ve built our Portafilter Cradles to last. Weighing in at a little over a pound, each base is CNC machined out of solid billet aluminum. First treated with a blasted finish designed to be smudge resistant, the surface is then anodized in a hard wearing black demi-gloss finish.

Delrin Collar

Delrin, a hard wearing plastic which can be machined in the same way as metal and also has the same tensile strength as aluminum, is used to prevent any metal on metal contact. The collar is the key to sizing your Cradle. Not too unlike buying a custom shirt, the collar size determines which portafilter you can use with our Cradles. The lugs or “ears” of the portafilter rests on top of the collar. A milled to fit Delrin collar is securely fastened to the cradle to protect the portafilter.


The portafilter handle is designed to rest on top of our adjustable slip resistant rubber coated knob. By rotating the knob on a M10 set screw, the height of the knob can be raised or lowered. The knob assembly is fixed into place by an additional hex set screw recessed into the base of the cradle.

Matching My Portafilter

We currently offer four sizes of Portafilter Cradles designed for 49mm and 58mm baskets. To accommodate the various portafilter sizes we manufacture separate sets of bases and collars.

Portafilters are measured by standard basket sizes and not by the outside diameter (OD) of the outside walls of the portafilter. Adding to the confusion is the fact that basket sizes are nominal sizes which don’t correspond to exact dimensions. And finally between various manufacturers, the OD of portafilters that use the same basket size are invariably different.

Please refer to the list below. If your machine or make is on the list, chances are your portafilter is compatible.

49mm Portafilters

  • Olympia Cremina
  • La Pavoni PC-16 & Europiccola (pre-Millennium)
  • Elektra Microcasa
  • Richard Penney Bottomless

E61 (58mm basket) Short Portafilters

  • Naked portafilters
  • Rancillio Silvia V3 double spout

E61 (58mm basket) Tall Portafilters

  • La Marzocco 15° Ergonomic Handle
  • Tall basket portafilters with long spouts

Lever Portafilters 45° Lugs

  • Londinium
  • Bosco
  • Idro
  • Victoria Arduino

Please check your portafilter’s measurements against our dimensions. Our Cradles work by supporting the portafilter under the lugs or ears which rest on top of the Cradle’s Delrin collar. You will need to measure the OD of the outside wall of your portafilter.

One method is tracing an outline of the portafilter a piece of paper and then using a ruler to measure the diameter. Another is to buy an inexpensive pair of digital calipers. Once you have your measurements, compare them against the dimensions below.

The following are the inside diameter (ID) collar sizes for our Portafilter Cradles:

  • PF Cradle 49mm : 58.4mm or 2.3”
  • PF Cradle E61 Short: 75.2mm or 2.9”
  • PF Cradle E61 Tall: 75.2mm or 2.9”
  • PF Cradle Lever: 72mm or 2.8″

The outside diameter (OD) of your portafilter, underneath the lugs, has to fit within the inside diameter (ID) of our Portafilter Cradle collar.

For more detailed measurements for each model of Portafilter Cradle please see the following pages:

If you have any questions please contact us before ordering and we’ll be happy to assist you.