Steam Tip Adapter

Olympia Cremina Steam Tip Adapter

As part of the age old ritual of father and son bonding, my dad flew into town to lend me a hand. While he was here he became engrossed with my morning ritual of making coffee. Dad’s one of those brew it strong type of guys, who favors the old style coffee percolator and whirly blade grinder. To him, hand grinding coffee and pulling shots on a lever espresso machine was fussy and in his mind, kind of prissy. But when he saw the measuring, grinding, adjusting, tamping, fiddling, and steaming this was something he could relate to.

I’d start each morning grinding with the HG-1 and pulling shots on my LONDINIUM. When I first got the machine, I swapped the stock steam tip with a Sproline Foam Knife and found it made a huge difference in the quality of the foam. Unfortunately, nothing in the world of espresso machines is standard and in order to accommodate the thread pitch of the Sproline (it’s a 1/8 BSPT Pipe Size 28 TPI if you’re curious) I had to replace the entire steam arm.

Next I did what every child does to a parent. I dropped Dad into the deep end and left town for a few weeks. In addition to his helping out with two very active grand kids, Dad also took over my morning barista duties. While I was gone he became hooked. Maybe it was the big chrome espresso machine, the grinder, the ritual, or just the great coffee he was making.

When I got back and Dad was packing his bags to head home, he asked if he could take a grinder with him — as well as my 2012 Olympia Cremina which up to that point had been relegated to storage. In my mind, a sale is a sale. While drawing up an invoice, my wife explained to me if my father asks for a grinder and espresso machine, and he’s spent the last five weeks minding my offspring I should count myself blessed and be thankful that he wasn’t charging me. Taking heed of my wife’s advice, I dutifully packed up a couple of boxes and sent him home.

A few weeks later and Dad was flying solo. He’s sought out the specialty roasters where he lives and has also found a source of fresh whole milk. My mother claims that she can taste a difference in her morning cup, and to me, that’s what this is all about. According to my father, the biggest issue is milk foaming. While the Cremina is an excellent espresso machine, one of the areas it falls short is the steam tip. Dad called to ask how can I get a steam tip like the one on your machine? Ironically enough, Paul had asked the same thing a few weeks prior. I measured the steam arm of the Cremina and discovered it uses an M7x1mm pitch. And after scouring the web, we discovered there isn’t a male to male M7 1mm to BSTP adapter to be had.

So like the good son I try to be, I cut one for my father.

The Steam Tip Adapter is designed to work with Olympia Cremina Espresso machines with removable female threaded steam tips. If the tip is brazed on as with older machines, you will need to upgrade to a more current wand. The Steam Tip Adapter is compatible with La Marzocco sized steam tips as well as our Steam Dial.