EG-1 Factory Direct Shipping

EG-1 Factory Direct Shipping

LWW is pleased to announce that we have EG-1 Grinders in stock and ready to ship directly from our factory.

If you’re interested in purchasing a grinder, please set up a user account on our website complete with billing and shipping information and contact us to let us know you would like to purchase a grinder. We’ll send you an invoice inclusive of drop shipping directly from Taiwan. For Asian customers, shipping costs will be less expensive than shipping directly from the States.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan are all eligible for special discounted rates. Currently the only product available for discounted shipping is the EG-1. For North American and European customers, we are expecting stock to be arriving in our US warehouse in early December if you would prefer to wait for dispatch from the United States.

EG-1 grinders are shipped direct from Taiwan into the following areas for a low cost flat rate fee.

  • Hong Kong -OCS    $120.95 USD
  • Singapore – OCS     $105.95 USD
  • Japan – OCS            $135.45 USD
  • Australia – EMS      $245.95 USD
  • Taiwan – TW Post  $45.95 USD + 5% TW sales tax on full purchase price

These shipping prices are considerably lower than what we’ve been able to offer to our customers in the past, and on average offer a savings of up to $100 USD. Estimated shipping time is between 4 to 6 days depending on the destination country.

Currently we are able to offer discounted Drop shipping rates only on the EG-1 grinder.

Country duty and customs fees are not included and are the responsibility of the customer. Taiwan orders are not charged customs or duty fees but will include a 5% sales tax on the full purchase price of the grinder.

For Taiwanese customers, please input your shipping address in the Order Notes section in Chinese characters to help assist in shipping.

敬請台灣訂戶在訂購註明欄位(Order Notes section) 輸入中文姓名與寄送地址,以便於寄送作業.

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