For the want of a nail.

For the want of a nail.

Even the best made plans go awry. When we started the glass Bean Cellar project, Doug and I wanted to include a small stainless steel funnel for filling the glass tubes. We put the task of sourcing one at the back of the priority list since we thought it would be easy to find it as an off the shelf part. Funnels are fairly common and they’re not that hard to make. What could possibly go wrong?

Then we got on with it. We worked with our glass manufacturer to fabricate extra thick walled glass tubes. We designed a silicone one way dome valve to let accumulated CO2 out gas from the cellars, sourced Viton O-rings for the seals, and finally got the CNC machined caps engraved with a specialized laser which makes dark rather than light marks and also leaves the surface completely smooth to the touch. Lastly the flame charred Acacia caddy and the horse/boar hair brush completed the list. And lest we forget, we still needed a funnel.

We tried to find one. And after a several weeks of searching we discovered no one produced a funnel with a wide enough neck to allow coffee beans to pass through and would fit inside our Bean Cellars. So we bit the bullet and decided to fabricate our own. There was just enough time to get a mold cut and still make the sea shipment to Los Angeles in time for the Holidays.

Two days before the shipment was scheduled to leave port, the manufacturer called to let us know they wouldn’t be able to produce the funnel to our specifications. Finding another manufacturer and starting the mold process again would require another 6 weeks, which would put the arrival of the funnel at the beginning of February. We decided to ship the Bean Cellars to the States without a funnel and use the time while the ship was at sea to come up with a solution.

We couldn’t ship the Bean Cellars without this critical part–it wouldn’t be right. So we bit the bullet–again. This time we decided to cut a CNC machined funnel. You heard me right–a CNC machined funnel. The new funnels just arrived in Los Angeles this afternoon via air freight. For a limited time, every set of glass Bean Cellars will include a black anodized, CNC machined funnel. The Black Bean Cellar Funnel will be the most over engineered, beautifully made, short lived, and highly collectible Lyn Weber Workshops product ever. Get them while they last, since we’re not going to be making them again. What could possibly…

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