A talisman of good luck and symbol of perseverance, painting a single eye on a Daruma doll at the start of a new venture is a long held Japanese tradition. At the fulfillment of the goal the second eye is added, signifying the successful completion of the task.

In June of 2012, Paul Nahhas and I painted an eye on a blank Daruma when we launched HG one. A little under two years later we celebrated a bittersweet event. We sold the 1,000th grinder and Paul decided to retire from the company he helped to found. At that point, we painted the second eye.

In August of 2014, I again found myself painting eye on a Daruma, this time with my friend and business partner Douglas Weber. Over the following year, Doug and I have been working hard to continue the tradition set by HG one, building intelligently designed, well crafted products that last. And now we’re finally ready to debut a small set of tools that will hopefully make everyone’s lives better.

With this, we’d like to introduce Lyn Weber Workshops.


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