LWW Bean Counter


no bean left behind

The tool you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

  • Simple operation.
  • Industrial accuracy Acaia-built scale.
  • Fully cleanable without tools. All areas adjustable by magnet-attached parts.
  • Program to nearest 0.1g weight.
  • Tiny footprint.
  • LWW industry-leading build quality.

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LWW Bean Counter

When you have a grinder such as the EG-1 or HG-1 capable of grinding without retention, it makes much more sense to weight the beans going in instead of those coming out. Utilizing Acaia’s industry-leading weighing technology, the LWW Bean Counter is made to work either with our bean cellars or for pre-weighing before grinding, the Bean Counter helps ease one of the most time-consuming processes in coffee making: dosing the beans to weight. Use together with the bean cellars to parse out a bag of fresh coffee into shots, or at a shop to dose before grinding.

Our Bean Counter is comprised of a simple mechanism that involves a paddle wheel and a stepper motor. This allows dispensing to occur accurately and quickly by operating in 2 phases: fast mode where the the wheel spins quickly to dispense beans into the ramekin beneath. Once the weight is within a couple grams of target weight, the paddle slows down to dispense one ‘tooth’ at a time. This is usually a single bean, but please note that not all beans are created equal and there are cases where 2 or 3 beans can be dispensed in one tooth-turn.

Left untouched, the shots are usually within 0.2-0.3g accuracy. If you require 0.1g accuracy, watch the weight as it finishes. If it’s 0.3g over, take 3 beans out and place them back in the hopper. If the weight is short, gently press down on the platen to dispense another bean (one tooth of movement). We call this the ‘hit me’ function as it feels like asking the dealer for another card — or in this case asking the dispenser for another bean.

The LWW Bean Counter is currently being produced in limited quantities. If you find that we are out of stock, please sign up for the waiting list to be notified when more incoming stock is available.


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