Blind Shaker


Grinding & redistribution funnel

A new version of our perennially popular Blind Tumbler, the Blind Shaker is 20% lighter, stack-able and now lets the barista shake rather than stir the coffee grounds–a real time saver when working a busy shift or in tight competition.

It’s a cleaner, faster process that uses less tools–shaken not stirred.


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Blind Shaker

Comes complete with funnel body, plug and cap.

With a single flange on the bottom, the Blind Shaker rests easily on top of your portafilter, supporting 58mm interior diameter baskets. To see if your portafilter will work with our Blind Shaker, measure the inside diameter (the widest distance across) of your basket with a ruler or pair of calipers.

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in