Looking Glass


Gimbaling oleophobic mirror for examining your shots.

No more yoga moves just to peek at your extraction. The hidden magnet behind the mirror holds it to the stainless ball base and allows you to precisely angle the mirror for optimum viewing angle.

Wipes clean super easily due to a vacuum chamber coated oleophobic coating on the glass (akin to that of a smartphone).

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Looking Glass

A perfect peek into your extraction.

We can’t help but bend down and look up at the perforations of the portafilter for those moments when the first drops start to converge and drip into the cup. It’s how we gauge if the extraction is even. It’s how we determine if we’re tamping a bit too hard to the left. It’s the moment of truth that tells us if this $20/lb geisha is going to channel or not.

We think that moment should be captured at ease and in direct view at all times. The Looking Glass gives us that. Fully adjustable and removable mirror. A vacuum-chamber coated oleophobic coating makes the surface super easy to clean.

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Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in