PF Cradle 49mm


Designed as an extra set of hands, the Cradle holds your portafilter completely steady as you tamp or perform other tasks. The Cradle can be used with all of our grinders as well as with our Blind Tumbler.

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Portafilter Cradle 49mm

Please check your portafilter’s measurements against our dimensions. Our Cradles work by supporting the portafilter under the lugs or ears which rest on top of the Cradle’s Delrin collar. You will need to measure the OD of the outside wall of your portafilter.

The 49mm Cradle is compatible with the following machines.

  • Olympia Cremina
  • La Pavoni PC-16 & Europiccola (pre-Millennium)
  • Elektra Microcasa
  • Richard Penney Bottomless

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5 x 4 in