EG-1 Foot Switch

Have you ever wondered what the connector on the back of the EG-1 Control Module is used for?

When the EG-1 was being designed, we wanted to ensure it had a robust feature set that would give the user the ability to do cool things with the grinder later on down the road. We’ve always wanted to make the workflow more efficient, so we decided to add a special connector on the back of the Control Module. This connector can be used to attach a foot switch which let’s the barista turn on and off the grinder without having to touch the Power Button on the base of the grinder.

Lyn Weber Workshops is not currently offering a foot switch for sale, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait till we do. For under $20 and less than 20 minutes of your time, you can build your own.


Shopping List
  • Foot Switch $7.50 – adafruit
    • We’ve selected a momentary switch, which means you have to constantly press down on the pedal to operate the grinder. You can always replace this with a latching or locking switch instead. This switch also comes with a 2 meter long cable!
  • ┬áConnector $5.80 – Amazon
    • GX16-2 Aviation Connector, you’ll only need the female connector but they’re usually sold as a set.

Once you have both sets of parts, wire the foot switch to the GX16-2 female connector. Once that’s done, plug the switch into the back of the Control Module and then you’re good to go.

ATTENTION: Before plugging in the foot switch, ensure the Control Module is powered OFF.

Power on the Control Module then depress the foot switch.

ATTENTION: you will notice that the EG-1 grinder now by-passes the Power Button located on the base of the grinder.

Notice that the light on the Power Button becomes illuminated as the foot switch is depressed.

Good luck and Grind on!