EG-1 Build Quality

One of our main goals for the EG-1 is grind consistency. If parts shift, fail or become misaligned through basic use or misuse, it affects the grind. The better the design, fabrication and stability of the machine, the better the results in the cup.

The EG-1 is CNC machined from solid billet 6061 aluminum and, when possible, custom dies are fabricated to extrude parts before tooling. Using extrusions reduces wastage, improves production runs, and allows us to buy our aluminum in bulk thereby maintaining strict quality control over raw materials. To the customer the end result is an exacting product with outstanding build quality. And the better a product is built, the longer it will last.

Whom we partner with to produce our machines makes a difference, and finding a company with good working practices and standards is the prime directive. We’ve chosen to collaborate with a small scale Taiwanese boutique manufacturer. With several generations working together under one roof, we’re proud to say our partner is both family owned and operated.

Developing a product isn’t as simple as producing a set of drawings and cutting a part. There’s a tremendous amount of input and feedback from the manufacturer. Our partner not only has high performance Mori Seiki CNC mills, more commonly found in the aerospace industry, they also employ a highly skilled team to operate them. A good machinist is as much an artist as an engineer and it’s important for us to work with people who put the same care and attention to detail into the machining as we do into the design and engineering.