EG-1 burr set

faster, sleeker, better

Updated for EG-1 v2. 

CORE – our new CORE burrs for the EG-1 v2 are still utilizing an 80mm flat burr design, but we have created a new custom profile designed to grind faster and reduce ‘popcorning’ when single-dosing. They take full advantage of the magnetic mounting system of the EG-1, eliminating every nook and cranny that old grinds like to hide in. While they do not have the TiCN coating (it was intentional for this grind profile), they are made with thermally hardened martensitic stainless steel. This ships standard on all EG-1 v2 models.

Not stopping there, we have also prepared 2 extra sets of burrs to give our customers a wider range of grind profile choices.

BASE – this is our original EG-1 burr with the screw mounts. It has a slightly wider grind profile, enabling baristas to get a profile closer to a conical burr with the benefits of a disc burr.

ULTRA – we teamed up with the folks at SSP to give us the ultimate in unimodal burr geometry. SSP is known for their unique geometries, and we worked with them to push this to the limits with magnetic mounted structure. Given how easy it is to align the EG-1, we know of no better way to achieve a low-fine ultra unimodal grind. We recommend this burr mainly for pourover (coarser than espresso) grinds.