Flexible Workflow

Whether in a high paced coffee bar or low volume cupping room, everyone’s needs are different. If you choose to grind directly into a portafilter, our very own Blind Shaker, or whichever receptacle you choose, the EG-1 is equally accommodating.

With a fully adjustable rail system, the EG-1 can be configured as a hands free solution. The distance of the portafilter from the exit spout can be adjusted and the mechanism which holds the portafilter in place fits most major brands. Once configured, the barista can simply insert the portafilter, turn on the grinder and walk away.

Working at slower pace? The portafilter attachment can be removed to reduce clutter, and the remaining shelf used to hold our Blind Tumbler. And finally if you want to go completely naked, the entire assembly can be removed for a minimalist approach.

Each rail component can be used solo or in tandem. Simply remove the magnetically attached cover plate and slot the desired armature in place. A push button mounted on the front face of each rail module allows for speedy vertical adjustments. For large volume doses ground directly into a portafilter, we include our Ring Funnel which can be used in between the shelf and basket to handle the increased capacity.