EG-1 Innovative Design

Adjustment Mechanism

With an espresso machine, often the smallest adjustments in water temperature, flow rate, or tamp pressure make for the biggest differences in quality. The same axiom holds true for a grinder, small changes make big differences. The more precise the adjustment mechanism, the more control the barista has over a shot. The EG-1 utilizes a burr carrier with a 1mm thread pitch to regulate the distance between the two burrs. As the distance increases or decreases, so does the coarseness or fineness of the grind.

The locking ring which is part of the EG-1’s grind gauge mechanism has 100 gradations and allows for 5µm (micron) adjustments per mark. In lay terms 5µm is 1/200th of a millimeter or about a quarter of the width of a human hair. Instead of fumbling about trying to guess at previous settings as with a step less setup, our micro-stepped system allows for reproducible positions and precise control over the grind.


Burr Alignment

A common complaint aimed at commercial grinders is the inability to check or adjust burr alignment. In the majority of machines, burrs are buried deep inside the grinder which makes a visual or mechanical inspection impossible. If there is an issue, evidenced by uneven burr wear or inconsistent shots, manufactures don’t offer adjustment mechanisms to calibrate a burr set after assembly.

We designed the EG-1 to make it simple for the user to both verify and adjust burr alignment. Without the use of any tools, the EG-1 burr set is fully accessible in less than 20 seconds. Ease of access to the burr set facilitates both regular maintenance and daily cleaning. If necessary, adjustments to alignment can be made with a 4mm metric hex key in a matter of moments without having to disassemble the grinder.

Advanced Surface Coatings

A static charge forms when two surfaces come in contact and then separate, leaving an imbalance of positive and negative charges. With beans being crushed between burrs and spinning parts constantly rubbing against surfaces, coffee grinders are ideal candidates for static buildup. Static causes grounds to stick to surfaces, increasing retention and throwing off dosing weight. Further down the line retained coffee becomes rancid eventually effecting quality.

For high static, friction or retention areas on the EG-1, we’ve chosen to selectively coat surfaces with a proprietary food safe surface finish. This coating decreases the coefficient of friction and increases lubricity. The more slippery the surfaces, the lower the chance of a static charge causing grounds to collect in the grinder.

Modular Design

We live in a disposable society that trends towards throwing away rather than fixing, we’d like to change that tendency. No matter how well constructed or engineered a machine might be, after a while parts will wear down or break. With that in mind, the EG-1 incorporates a modular design and construction philosophy, which facilitates routine maintenance, reduces the overall complexity of the assembly, and drastically minimizes down time for repairs.

In the unlikely event that the motor requires replacement, it is completely user accessible and can be swapped out in less than 15 minutes using just two metric hex keys. Routine replacement of the burrs is even easier, with that task being performed in less than 10 minutes.

Along with building products that are made to last, we build products that are easy to service. Keep your grinder on the bar instead of on the workbench.