Low Ground Retention

No bean left behind

We strive for the lowest degree possible of coffee retention in a grinder. The less grounds left in a machine after grinding, the less chance stale coffee has to contaminate a shot and a more accurate and consistent dose becomes possible. The EG-1 has been designed from the start as a single dosing grinder with very low grind retention. If you put 20g of coffee beans into the machine, you will get almost 20g* of grinds out.

The EG-1 achieves low ground retention through a variety of methods, the first being design. The EG-1 is a direct path grinder that offers minimal contact between the ground product and the surface of the grinder. Pre-dosed beans are added to the top of the grinder and are gravity fed down to the burr set. Once the beans pass through the burrs, the grounds emerge into a funnel and are then whisked directly out of the machine. Less surface contact reduces friction resulting in less heat being introduced into the product.

Any area of the grinder that does come in contact with ground coffee is treated with a food safe proprietary surface coating which makes the surface more slippery, reducing the opportunity for grounds to stick to the inside of the machine. The burr set is treated with a machine tool TiCN coating which in addition to reducing the effects of static, significantly prolongs the life of the burrs.

The EG-1 is ideal for situations where multiple roasts need to be be ground on the same machine, with less chance of residual grounds from one roast impacting the results of another. In testing we have noticed that darker roasted beans have a tendency to cause a higher rate of retention due to the amount of oils released while with lighter roasts the converse applies.

*our data has shown this figure to be accurate to within +/- 0.3g which on average works out to 3 coffee beans.