EG-1 single dosing

the smallest change often makes for the biggest difference

When dosing by weight, a single gram variance in either direction can lead to a shot that’s too fast and bright, or too slow and over extracted. With commercial grinders, the barista relies on a timer for portion control, or gauges the dose by eye as grounds come flying out of the machine at speeds of over six grams per second. Even the most experienced barista has trouble with consistency. Getting an exact dose requires weighing the portafilter after grinding and painstakingly adding or removing excess grounds, a time consuming process that can be frustrating to both barista and customer.

Since the EG-1 is a single dose grinder, without the column weight of bean hopper, expect an average grind time between 6 to 9 seconds for an 18g dose when grinding at 1200 to 1500 rpm. Roast and type of bean will also influence grind time based of the amount of oil on the surface of the bean.


Using our Bean Cellars with the EG-1, pre-dosing or weighing occurs at the start of a shift when the store is quiet. When rush hour heats up, doses can be ground in exact portions to order. The product stays fresher for longer, guesswork is removed from the equation, less product is wasted, and a more consistent shot is possible.