LWW Moulin

the best pepper mill ever made

Say hello to the LWW Moulin (pr. moo-lahn). As with coffee, we take great pleasure in all kitchen endeavors. We wake up early to scramble eggs, squeeze juice, and bake bread for our beloved families. Most meals are made out of necessity, but truly gourmet meals require love.

Our passion for food and family is rivaled only by our passion to create excellent products.

Luckily our experience in precision grinding coffee equipment translates perfectly to the world of peppercorns. We miniaturized the adjustment ring mechanism from the HG-1 and EG-1, spent over a year tweaking and perfecting the mechanism and design, and couldn’t be happier with the result. No more fumbling with the thumbscrew and sprinkling bits of an undetermined size. Now you can dial in according to the dish and unleash a shower of precise and even pepper grinds. Your soups, salads, steaks, customers, children, and loved ones will all appreciate the improved quality.

Grind Quality

The first and foremost feature in the LWW Moulin is consistent grind quality. For a delicate sauce, a fine powder of uniform particles is desired. For a coarser grind setting as one might use on a steak au poivre, the large granules need to be clean cut and consistent in size. Regardless what size grind your dish demands, the LWW Moulin will pepper it up perfectly.

Utilizing the same design and engineering as our coffee grinders, from ‘Turkish’ to chunky granules, the LWW Moulin performs exceptionally across the entire pepper spectrum.

PM-1 shaft-1-2

Superior grind consistency for pepper is achieved in the same way as we do for coffee which is through solid design and engineering. The burrs and shaft must be concentric and not be allowed to wobble or move vertically. Standard mills have a tremendous amount of play where the burrs are free to move in all directions. The spindle or shaft is often held in place either with a cheap plastic bushing or simply dropped in place into a roughly drilled hole.

The LWW Moulin uses a rigid stainless steel shaft mounted to a pair of radial ball bearings which guarantees a smooth friction free turn. Installed on the end of the shaft is our hardened 420 stainless steel burr set. The tolerances required to maintain concentricity, which ensures that the bearings, shaft and burr set all share the exact same axial center are critical. Concentricity is one of the primary reasons why the entire mill is CNC machined. At first glance it might appear that our mill is over engineered, but after you hold it for the first time, you’ll understand why we made the effort.


As with our coffee grinders, we started our design from the heart of the mill — the burrs. The LWW Moulin uses a CNC precision ground hardened carbon steel burr set normally used in coffee applications where grind quality is paramount. This provides both grind size consistency and an extremely fast grind speed. 

To note, the cost of increased grind speed is paid for by slightly more user effort. The LWW Moulin uses a large 45mm diameter burr set that provides a voluminous output, which may require slightly more torque than other mills. 

Grind Settings

The LWW Moulin uses a 20 step locking ring which lets the chef quickly see and change the grind setting in a matter of seconds. Adjustments are made by lifting the locking ring and dialing in a number. Release the ring and it is spring-loaded back onto a set of stainless steel registration pins. The clearly marked numerical dial lets you know: 0-2 for a superfine soup grind, 3-5 for standard salads to omelets, 7-8 for a steak, and slightly beyond for when you get creative with pickling spices.


The LWW Moulin is both quick and easy to fill. The top cap of the mill is held directly to the shaft of the grinder with a set of strong neodymium magnets. With a sturdy pull, the cap pops off and the user can add peppercorns through a large 45mm (1 3/4″) opening. Unlike traditional pepper mills, the grind setting remains the same before and after filling. 



Designed to fit comfortably in the palm of one hand, the LWW Moulin is a compact 165mm (6.5”) long. Despite the small dimensions, the LWW Moulin holds a generous 85g (3oz) or 150ml (0.63 cups) of peppercorns. Comparably sized mills store, on average, 25g. The sensible footprint invites it to rest in the spice cabinet or more prominently on the countertop or table.

Build Quality

Like all of our products, the LWW Moulin is built to last. The body of the LWW Moulin is CNC machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum. This allows us to hold tight tolerances while integrating much of the adjustment mechanism right into the body parts. All aluminum parts are polished, sand-blasted, and then anodized to give them a cleanable and long-wearing ceramic surface. The main axle, onto which the inner burr is mounted, is a CNC lathed stainless steel shaft. Precision ball bearings ensure stability, concentricity, and smooth grinding. 

In time everything wears down. For a grinding tool, the main part to wear down is the burrs. The LWW Moulin burrs are designed to be easily user replaceable, requiring less than 5 minutes and a 5mm hex key.

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Filling and Adjusting the Grind. Troubleshooting.

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Care & Maintenance

How to take apart and clean the mill.