LWW Moulin Pepper Mill

About your new LWW Moulin Pepper Mill

The LWW Moulin (pr. ‘moo-lahn’) is a precision crafted CNC machined pepper mill that produces a consistent and repeatable grind time after time. Building on our experience designing and producing world-class coffee grinders, the LWW Moulin is without peer.

Unlike other pepper grinders with plastic burrs that wiggle about on a wobbly shaft, the LWW Moulin utilizes a custom hard carbon steel burr set, mounted to a ridgid stainless steel shaft on two precision radial ball bearings, a feature set not found in any other pepper grinder available today.

The LWW Moulin grind can be adjusted down to a fine power for the most delicate sauces all the way up to a hearty, coarse mélange for a steak au poivre. In between there are 20 reapeatable settings on the locking ring accommodating just about every recipe in the cookbook.

Care and Maintenance

Wipe exterior with a soft damp cloth to clean. Do not grind anything other then peppercorns with the LWW Moulin. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasives when cleaning. Do not submerge in water. Not dishwasher safe. The grinder may be disassembled with a set of standard metric hex or Allen keys. Threads should be lubricated with a food safe PTFE grease.

To grind, firmly grasp the body of the grinder and rotate cap clockwise.

Filling the Grinder


Firmly grasp body of grinder and pull cap upward to remove. Strong magnets hold the cap in place.

Fill grinder with peppercorns

Replace cap and turn slightly till the cap drops into place.

Adjust the Grind


Lift locking ring

FINE GRIND: rotate locking ring counter clockwise.

small number = small grind

COARSE GRIND: rotate locking ring clockwise.

large number = large grind

Ensure the marks are aligned on the locking ring and body of the grinder. Lower the locking ring. Ensure the locking ring is seated flush to the body of the grinder before use



When adjusting the grind finer you may experience some resistance when turning the locking ring. Residual peppercorns can become caught in between the grinding burrs. Turning the cap counter clockwise will clear the burrs and allow the locking ring to turn more easily.

At finer grind settings, the locking ring may become difficult to lift. In this case simply remove the cap and rotate the inner body of the grinder back and forth while lifting upward on the locking ring.